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You must be using Canon. Right? - renzihills

Nope! Nikon D5100 :D

A few more photos from Baguio City’s 105th Charter Day Parade! I took about 800+ photos, but I’m too lazy to sift through all of it because..

  1. It mostly comprises of people I don’t know
  2. The sunlight kept changing, thus, inconsistency

Anyway, first trimester is finally over! I’m dedicating my entire term break to hone my craft :3

A few snapshots from Baguio City’s 105th charter day.

Spotted Deadshot (Batman: Arkham Origins) featuring Death (The Sandman) during the Baguio City Parade!

Gonna upload more photos after I sift through 900+ shots from today~

P.S. It’s Baguio City’s 105th year today :D

One last stretch for this semesterrrr

..then I can fill this blog with brand new content. Yay!!

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